It’s been awhile- February 14, 2022

I have been looking for IT jobs since graduating from Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota, Twin Cities Campus. It has been very interesting. I am not going to lie I have been making sure the jobs do not require me to relocate. I have tried that once and it did not go well for my family and I. All of our support was in the Twin Cities and we were 3 1/2 hours from family and friends. So, anyways I have been looking and applying for jobs. I already had one company write back to me and say they were going with a different candidate. I thought I would try and I did. I did Apply for some other jobs and I have interviewed for one of them already. Which was interesting in itself. I received a message from the other one wanting to interview me for the position I applied for a few weeks ago. That is set up for Monday at 1100 AM so I am very excited about it. Now if you are reading this and it seems very vague that is because I do not want to put any company names out there and have them see this and be like “Oh really going to write about us, not hiring you now.” Is that going to happen I have no idea but It will be better to just not mention business names and be safe right?

Okay so now let us talk about the different interview processes that I have done over the course of my working career. So there is the traditional meet with the manager, answer their questions, wait for the call. I have had a lot that are like this. and it is a waiting game and excitement when you get called and asked if you want the job. It is a great feeling. Now there is a different one that I was not prepared for and that was a board type interview. This was the process for getting hired as a Full-Time National Guard position especially the AGR (Active Guard Reserve) program. There is a president of the board, and two members, and a recorder. Sometimes some of the members are actually the people you will be working with. I have had a couple of civilian jobs where it was a board style interview process. I have also had virtual interviews also which is really cool because then you do not have to drive somewhere and potentially get lost of accidentally show up late due to traffic, or some other reason that may have happened to someone. Now the one place I applied for that I interviewed with did a video interview. They provided a website for you to go to. They give you the opportunity try out replying and posting the video. then you move on to the interview process. So, what they do is they have the question pop-up you get 30 seconds to read and think of your reply. then you get 1 minute and 30 seconds to reply. When the time runs out your reply is done and it is saved and the site moves on to the next question. I thought it was really interesting. Technology is great and being able to use it to get candidates for a job and then interview them and potentially select them is awesome.

Well I am gonna get going I hope everyone has a great day.

Dave Hannan

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