Projects from school/ Personal projects

The HITSS Policy Handbook is a policy handbook that I wrote for my graduation project for the Technical Management A.A.S degree. It was the final paper for the program which was fun and interesting to write. I created using the information I learned from the Network Administration program and my knowledge of Information technology. HITSS is a fake company I came up with and it stands for, Hannan Information Technology Systems and Services. Again a made up company to put on the cover of the Handbook. It is a company that was used in many projects that I worked on alone.

This is the other part of the project that went with the IT Policy and Procedure Manual. It is a Disaster Recovery Plan workbook. I copied a template from another website that offered a template to help your business set-up a disaster recovery plan. I am Pretty sure that I gave the company credit as to where I got it from. I do not remember where I got it from either. It was a simple Google search on disaster recovery plan templates. and I looked through them and chose this one. So I hope this helps if anyone needs it.

TFTP Copy Manual from Networking Switching and Routing Class

This manual was created for one of the networking classes I had taken at Dakota County Technical College. We practiced this with Cisco’s Packet Tracer software. Once we got the steps and commands down out instructor wanted us to make a quick manual to show how we did it and record the steps in making in it work in Packet Tracer.

Small Commercial Building Packet Tracer Design

This is a simulation of a business that has expanded and is now in separate locations.

If you would like a copy of the Packet Tracer File please send me a message requesting it and I will send it to you.