April 21st, 2022

Well howdy everyone! I have not been updating this as often I have wanted to. I apologize for that. So let”s get to it.


Security +: I am just over 50% through it and I need to sit down and finish it.

A+: I am about 15% through it once I get through the Security + I will push through the A+ certification

Network +: working through it slowly

CISCO Certs: I have not started the CCNA course yet. I want to get through the other ones first. I however did sign up for a course in CISCO’s Academy for networking which is designed for small home/business networks is cool, and it was free.

Personal Stuff:

I went with my son to look at a local college and see some different program areas. We went to the Fine Arts center (music) saw all kinds of cool art areas. We then went tot the Science and engineering building got caught up in all the cool engineering projects and then we saw the Rocket Club which was awesome. I think he is going to do great at this school even if it is to get his generals and then move on to another school or university for the bachelor’s degree. Super excited to see what his next steps are going to be.

Gotta go! Thanks for reading.


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