March 11, 2022- Update

I have been working on my Security+ Course, Along with my A+ course. The site offering the courses is They have a lot of different course that they offer, which is great. I also have an account on Udemy,com where I have been slowly going through David Bombal’s CCNA course. Which I have signed up for free I think it is his labs course which is awesome. I have also signed up for a Network + course and I am going to focus on that one and the other two to complete them as quickly as I can. I have also created an Information Technology Library on my Computer to reference books as I need to as I start working towards getting a job and a Network/ Systems Administrator. The great thing is I have been putting my resume out there. I have gotten a few interviews. I actually had a great first interview with a company here in the Twin Cities. It was a first interview so I am not going to state the companies name out of respect for them and any other candidates that will be interviewing with them. I will find out next week whether or not I move on to the next step in the process which would be another interview but with the personnel that would be supervising the team I would work on and such. I think the interview went really well and I am excited to see what happens. No matter what happens I just really enjoyed the opportunity to interview for the job. I hope everyone has a great Friday and a marvelous weekend.

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